Welcome to Rock Creek Acupuncture & Herbs. I have been in professional practice since 2003, with over 3000 hours of Master’s level studies and thousands more in post-graduate training. I am confident that you will find the best that natural medicine has to offer here. Using herbs and acupuncture to harness the body’s natural resources, I have helped many people recover from pain, illness, and disability when they had previously lost hope. Check out my testimonials and reviews around the web, and feel free to email or call with any questions.

Jason Burke, L.Ac.

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The entrance is in the back. Access through the alley and park in the driveway. Look for the red doorway!
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While living in Colorado, Jason Burke was my acupuncturist working on my problems with RA, diabetes, neuropathy and blurring eyesight. The improvement in lessening my pain was excellent, allowing me to forego OTC pain relievers. Most remarkable was the improvement in my vision allowing me to regain my depth perception for the first time in years. I highly recommend Jason to anyone wishing to improve their overall well being.

I came to Jason in September, 2011 because I was suffering from migraines. I had this problem for more than ten years. I had migraines every day. They were very intense and interfered with all aspects of my life. They also made sleeping difficult, and I was considering dropping out of college. I tried medications such as imitrex, gabapentin, depakote, topamax, as well as chiropractic. The medications did not help my migraines, but caused side effects like dizziness and cognitive impairment. read more…