Clockwise: Jason, Rachel, Ori, Bina, Sophie

I received a Master’s degree in acupuncture and herbal medicine in 2002, from Emperor’s College in California, one of the oldest Chinese medicine schools in the west, with an all-star faculty.

Since then, I have spent thousands of hours learning from the best teachers around, including Sharon Weizenbaum, Jimmy Chang, Kiiko Matsumoto, and Suzanne Robidoux.

I come from a medical family. Some of my earliest memories are of going to the nursing home near Boston where my mother was a nurse. My sister and I visited the residents, who were always grateful for a little kindness and attention. Many were obviously in pain, and some were confused. Even the staff seemed exhausted and frustrated. Later, as a first year acupuncture student, I went back to a similar place to visit my own grandmother. It had been years since I was surrounded by people on walkers and in wheelchairs, and it dawned on me suddenly how much suffering could be relieved with what I was learning.

In my early twenties, someone close to me died due to medical error. It was a shock at a time when I was looking for a foothold in the world. Not long after, I wandered into my first acupuncture treatment. I saw that the practitioner was living a life of meditation, study, and caring. How could the few needles he inserted lift so much misery from me? It was unbelievable. A year later, I was on the Greyhound from Boston to Los Angeles to start my training.

During a two-year student internship, I treated over 300 patients, and completed an internship at an addiction treatment center. In my first year of practice I gained experience quickly, treating disadvantaged populations in Portland, OR. Later, I founded a busy pain clinic in Iowa City, North Liberty Acupuncture, where I specialized and excelled at resolving what were considered “hopeless” cases of chronic pain.

In 2014, shortly after getting married, my wife, Rachel took a career leap that brought us to Washington, DC. I am so happy to be able to offer the best of Chinese medicine here, and to serve this amazing community with this powerful healing system.