A Neighborhood Healing Practice

With A Remarkable History

How to Create A World-Class Healing Practice


Get Great Training

In 2002, founder Jason Burke got his Master's degree from Emperor's College of Chinese Medicine, one of the oldest and most respected Traditional Chinese Medicine schools in the west. The rigorous curriculum is based directly on the training model for physicians of TCM in China.


Get a Lot of Experience Fast

In his first year, Jason worked in a well-known low-income treatment center in Portland, Oregon. The opportunity to work with people who were in real need of real medical care set the stage for his view of natural medicine. This is not a spa treatment, but a powerful system for restoring health to the sick.


Get More Training

Believing that excellence in medicine requires devotion and skill, Jason has continued to study with many of the best teachers in the field. Pursuing mastery is a year-round practice, every year, (including most Sundays).


Treat the Hard Cases

In 2007, Jason moved to Iowa, and started North Liberty Acupuncture near the University of Iowa. There he became the provider of last resort to many. Specializing in chronic pain and degenerative conditions with 2, 3, and even 4 decades of history, he often saw patients after they had returned from the Mayo Clinic - disappointed. Most of the testimonials on this site are from that area, and speak to the power of natural medicine in severe cases.

Move to the Big City (but start small)


A Home Healing Practice is Just... Homier

"When we moved to DC for Rachel's career, I saw an opportunity to have the practice I had always envisioned. A home clinic, away from office buildings and that aseptic medical feeling. I want a place where people feel less guarded and less alienated, not more."

back porch

Peaceful, Clean, Functional

"... We have off-street parking, and a quiet neighborhood. The dedicated entrance really separates the treatment area from the household, which is great for us and for patients..."


It's About Integrity

"I have worked in every kind of clinic. Usually, people aren't sure how to identify a good practitioner, so they go for the trappings of authority. White coats and fine furniture. I get it. But they're paying for a business model. Here, the focus is 100% on healing. Everything else is a compromise." - Jason Burke, L.Ac.